2020 Tournament Results

Sunday, August 2 - Mozingo

1st Place,Jarrod Watkins & Bryan Penrod,5 Bass, Wt.18.05 lbs.
Big Bass, Jarrod & Bryan, Wt. 5.73 lbs.

2nd Place, Tom Kaufmann & Carl Metz, 5 Bass, Wt. 15.27 lbs.



Saturday, July 11 - Pomme de Terre Lake

1st Place, Jay Roe & Tim Hoeper, 5 Bass, Wt. 10.51 lbs.

2nd Place, Ed Matthews & Tom Starforth, 5 Bass, Wt. 10.47 lbs.
Big Bass, Ed & Tom, Wt. 2.93 lbs.

3rd Place, Tom Kaufmann & Carl Metz, 5 Bass, Wt. 9.04 lbs.


Saturday, June 13 - Truman Lake

1st Place
Tom Starforth & Ed Matthews
5 Bass, Wt. 15.42 lbs.
Big Bass: Wt. 5.06 lbs.

2nd Place
Troy Everly & Kenny Sloan
5 Bass, Wt. 15.37 lbs.

3rd Place
Jarrod Watkins & Bryan Penrod
5 Bass, Wt. 14.63 lbs.

Big Bass, 4.27 lbs.
Bill Rowe & Matt Davis

Sunday, June 14 - Lake of the Ozarks 

1st Place
Bill Rowe & Matt Davis
5 Bass, 22.43 lbs.
( New Club Record )

2nd Place & Big Bass (5.36 lbs.)
Ed Matthews & Tom Starforth
5 Bass, 20.74 lbs

3rd Place
Troy Everly & Kenny Sloan
5 Bass, 18.09 lbs.

Due to the COVID-19 Virus we have cancelled our May 2nd tournament at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Our 2020 tournament season has begun.

On January 26 we had our annual kick-off meeting.  We had a good turnout, around 27 members attended.  Below are the highlights from the meeting.

Ronell Foster, one of our founding members and past president, gave us some history of the club.  He emphasized the importance in adding more youth to our club to help our club grow into the future.  He also thanked current and past members for their work to keep this club going strong.

The 2020 Club Officers.
President: Gene Henry, Sr
Vice-President: Fenton Barnard
Tournament Director: Tom Kaufmann
Co-Tournament Director: Ed Matthews

The 2022 Fish-Off will be a split tournament.  One day on Truman Lake and the second day on Lake of the Ozarks.  It will still be the total weight for both days to decide the winner(s).  The tournament fee will be $40 for both days.

This year we have two single day tournaments (Sat/Sun) on Mozingo. To pay for the lake tournament fees, $100 per tournament, members fishing Mozingo will be asked to pay additional money to help pay for the tournament fees. Also Boating Permit Fees are $9 per day.  These permits should be purchased before the tournament.  If you're fishing these tournaments make sure to get your room reserved early.

Group Picture