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On January 29, we had our 2017 annual club meeting.  Below is the summary from the meeting.


Elected 2017 Club Officers

President: Gene Henry, Sr.

Vice President: Joe Wiley

Secretary: Ralph Iseman

Tournament Director: Tom Kaufmann

Treasurer: Not Filled


New Business

2016 Points winners were Joe Nowachek and Jarrod Watkins.  They each received a custom made rod from Tom Kaufmann.  Thanks to Rex Murdock for tracking the points and to Tom Kaufmann for donating 2 of his custom made rods.

Gene Henry, Sr. is our new president.  Gene will be handling the money this year.  All membership dues ($25) will be paid to Gene Henry, Sr.  Make your checks payable to" Gene Henry, Sr. " and don't forget to fill out an application form.  Email Gene Henry, Sr. if you need his mailing address.

We discussed starting times for our tournaments.  Next year's starting times will be scheduled at the earliest time available (safe light).

A motion was made to schedule a tournament on Stockton Lake. This motion passed and next year's schedule will include a tournament on Stockton Lake. 

We discussed moving the Ronell Foster Classic (Fish-Off) tournament to later in the fall.  Next year the Ronell Foster Classic will be on the 3rd weekend of October.

After moving our Classic tournament to October, we ended up having no tournaments in September.  A motion was made to add another tournament to next year's schedule.  This tournament will be held on the last weekend of September and will be on the same lake as the Classic tournament.  This tournament can also count toward the 5 tournaments needed to be eligible to fish the Classic.

Our tournament director, Tom Kaufmann, talked about how the summer heat affected our aging weigh scales.  Tom made a recommendation that we trade in our current scales and buy new scales.  To pay for the new scales, the attending members decided to donate money by passing the hat.  Jim Wyatt and Joe Wiley offered to make up the difference if the members' donations fell short. Thanks to the attending members, Jim Wyatt, and Joe Wiley, we will have new tournament scales this year.

We will be using the point system again this year.  Rex Murdock has offered to track the points and Tom Kaufmann has offered to donate his custom made rods.

Please keep former members Jim Bartlett, Chris Petersen and former president Ronell Foster in your thoughts and prayers.  They are dealing with health issues.

Thanks to Tom Kaufmann for being Tournament Director and thanks to Gene Henry, Sr. for accepting the President position.

Ron Hunt 


We have a new sponsor for the 2013 tournament season.  Clearlight Inn, located three miles south of Hermitage at Carson's Corner (hwy 254 & hwy 64). Clearlight Inn has said they will give special discount rates to Men of Honor Bass Club members who are fishing tournaments on Pomme de Terre Lake.  Just tell them you're a club member when you are making your reservation.



On Saturday, October 13th 2012, we had our second annual post season dinner.  Thank you to Owen and Melissa Neff for putting on this event.  We also want to thank Owen for volunteering to be our treasurer during 2012.  We appreciate the time spent and job well done.  Owen and Melissa are moving to Ohio and won't be able to be a part of the club in 2013. Owen and Melissa will be missed.

We also want to thank the following sponsors who donated items for the event. 

Bass Pro Shop, Independence Missouri

Harris Garage, Kansas City Missouri

Pro's Choice Marine, Warsaw Missouri

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 Men of Honor Bass Club - 2017